About 1541

In the year 1541 A.D., Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza and a number of encomenderos (“entrustees” – Spaniards given the right to govern) founded the city of Nueva Ciudad de Mechuacan. This newfound settlement grew rather quickly, and life flourished. The city was renamed to Morelia later, after an independence hero from the Spanish Oppression, Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon.


Morelia, the capital of the State of Michoacan, has been named by UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) a Cultural World Heritage Site. Because the city was built around preserving the history and beauty of the baroque architecture, Morelia has over 1100 historical landmarks, churches, and monuments that have been preserved for centuries.

Sam and Anel were married in the city of Morelia, their favorite city and the namesake of their coffeeshop. In addition, in the center of the 1541 Pastries and Coffee logo stands the Olmedo family Crest. 1541 Coffee and Pastries carries a legacy behind its name, and every day is striving to further the legacy through satisfied customers, quality coffee, and professional confections.